Causes of male infertility

Below are the common causes of infertility:

Low semen and hormone levels – Semen is the key agent involved in male fertility. In any case that the same is produced in low quantities, infertility will most certainly occur.

Blockage of sperm ducts – It happens that some progressive conditions or deformations get to cause blockages in the ducts through which sperm is delivered to the urethra. When this happens, infertility comes about as a side effect.

Diseases and illnesses – Diseases like prostate cancer and tumors in or around the male reproductive organs can cause male infertility. Also, chronic conditions such as diabetes can take away the desire and ability to engage in sexual activities.

Poor lifestyles – Poor lifestyle choices such as not taking part inWhat is male infertility? physical activities, drugs abuse, poor diets and leading stressful lives not only affect the production of sperm but also hinder effective delivery of the same into a woman’s reproductive system.

How to prevent male infertility

The best way to prevent male infertility is to be on the lookout for the symptoms of the condition. Below are the symptoms to be on the lookout for;

  • Breast enlargement in men
  • Lumps or tumors occurring in reproductive organs
  • Abnormal growth and distribution of hair
  • Low semen levels
  • Changes in the sexual functions. For example, you may notice lower sex drive or even inability to get or maintain erections.

Best curative options

Depending on the cause of the male infertility, different curative options will be recommended by a doctor. For example, blockages resulting from tumors will call for surgical operations. If the infertility is resulting from low semen production, you can even treat the condition at home. This will call for adoption of better lifestyle choices like taking foods and supplements that promote semen production. You will also be advised to quit drug abuse especially smoking and alcohol abuse. In the event that infertility is being caused by declined levels of testosterone, you may be advised to go for hormone replacement therapies. As you can see, it all depends on the main cause of the infertility. It will therefore be of little help to sought out treatment options before you have preempted on the root cause of the infertility. This brings us back to the necessity of consulting a professional in the advent of the above discussed symptoms of male fertility.

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